Left-Handed Demon

Have you ever heard this nonsense?  Well, as nonsensical as it may be, the term ‘left-handed demon’ used to be quite factual back in the day… Children who came to be left-handed were often forced to be right-handed because, for some fucked up reason, being left-handed was indeed, a sign of the devil.

Ummm, what?

Then there are other speculations that being born left-handed, means the ‘lefties’ were one of two in the womb, and absorbed the other twin because we, the lefties, are the dominant ones.

Ok, so we’re dominant but we’re evil… makes sense, right?

left-handed-alien copyright

Growing up left-handed was a pain in the ass, especially in school.  Everything was made for the righties of the world: notebooks, can openers… eating lunch sucked because I had to make sure I was on the outside of the table or sitting next to a fellow lefty, else we’d be playing the ‘elbow bump’ the whole meal.

But why… evil?

Well, historically, people used to wipe their butt with the left hand, so the left hand came to be known as dirty.  Not sure how long ago that was, but whatever.  If you care to read more detail on that, I’d be happy to do a separate post.

I did not go to catholic school, but I know people who did and they told me they were not allowed to write with the left hand.  If they so much as picked something up with the left hand, *bang* down came the ruler across the knuckles.

Hell, even as babies, if they picked something up with their left hand it was immediately removed and placed in the right.

I have, at times, felt a little ‘darker’ than others… my morbid thought processes and crazy ass snap shots that flutter in my mind with no notice are downright horrifying.  Sometimes, just sitting in traffic (like this morning) these morbid scenes fly in and out of my mind in a flash.

I shared some of my morbid thoughts with friends as child and hey, look at that, no more friends. I was like the Wednesday of the early eighties.

But a demon?  Really?


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