People… They Are Scary. (Rant)

Scary People
There was a time when I truly loved people… I loved being around them to an extent and I loved interacting as well.

These days, I am not so sure.  It is a glaring fact (which no one wants to address) that somewhere along the way, people have come to the conclusion that just by showing up to your job, or a sport you play or to school every day, there should be some type of reward in it for you.

When the hell did this happen?

Look around, people. We have raised a nation (quite possibly an entire world) of narcissistic brats with a grandiose sense of self-importance.  I am pretty sure it started when someone got the idea that it made sense to give out trophies for participation only.

When I was young (not that long ago) we got trophies for winning; stickers for getting an A+ on a paper, a couple of dollars for bringing home an honors report card.  We got dessert when we finished out entire dinner.  If we talked back, we were in trouble.

When I was a little older, I got raises and promotions at jobs because I worked really hard to get ahead.  Things didn’t happen for people in the 80’s through the early 00’s simply because they ‘showed up’ (or any other decade until 2010).

Now… now we have people demanding high wages for menial labor.  We have people getting incensed over not getting tipped at a restaurant and plastering it all over the internet. We have people who think it is totally legitimate to do whatever the fuck they want to do simply because they want to do it.  We have beer commercials getting banned because it says “take the word ‘no’ out of your vocabulary.”  I guess I am old, because when I saw that commercial, I didn’t think what the majority thought.  I thought it meant to take chances and face your fears. I didn’t think it meant to go out and rape someone because she said ‘no’ when you came on to her.

What the hell is going on around here?! Is there really something in the water?  Is the air being pumped full of chemicals that make so many people under thirty years of age completely bat-shit crazy?

There was a time when life meant something.  It meant something to go to school, graduate, get a great career, maybe settle down and raise a family, or maybe stay single and travel the world. We did all these things without putting it on the internet for validation.  We suffered life and enjoyed life and we loved it.

These days, we suffer life and enjoy life, but for some reason, it lacks meaning if we don’t put it on Facebook.

There are so many people who take ‘selfies’ and put them on the internet with a negative comment… “I’m fat” or “Ugly” or whatever cockamamie negative comment a person can make about oneself. I can’t possibly be the only person who sees through this bullshit.  Can I?  Am I the only person on Earth that sees these people are starved for attention and suffer low self-esteem and self-worth despite trying to tell the world otherwise? If you felt that great about yourself, you wouldn’t need to put a picture of yourself on the internet saying ‘I’m ugly’ or ‘fat’ or whatever.  If you really felt you were fat or ugly… you wouldn’t be putting your picture on the fucking internet!!!!!!! 

Thank the Bejeebs not everyone is like this… the scary thing is, that one day everyone WILL be like this (unless something changes), because all the people with common sense will have died and the world will be full of people smashing into each other in their cars on the street because they were too busy texting, or taking a selfie to notice that there are other people in the world that deserve the same respect as they demand.

They will be too busy crying and bitching about their kid not graduating high school despite the fact he didn’t pass one class for four fucking years to notice that our natural resources are almost depleted. They will be too busy bitching about the fact that they got kicked out of Wal-Mart for whipping their boob out in the checkout line because their baby was hungry to notice that the social media generation will most likely be the generation that makes us go full circle back to the caveman years.

I mean really… look around.  There is nothing but a bunch of hungry, horny and violent Neanderthals running around today.  The only difference from millions of years ago is that today we have the internet.


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