Must. Write. Something.

So… a few years back, I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and did, in fact, complete my word count to get my handy dandy certificate that hangs on the wall in my office.

I wound up tossing that novel in a pile; leaving it unattended and pining for attention on my laptop. I guess it was a starter novel or just something to occupy my mind or maybe a challenge to see if I could actually finish something I started.

I was ecstatic that I finished something… but I was sad because I knew it was not my best work.  I have since dabbled in starting a music website, and also some paintings and other artwork for sale on Etsy:

But I have picked back up on a story idea I started almost two years ago… it is apocalyptic in nature, but not zombies per say.  I like where it is going and at the same time annoyed because I have a day job (need to pay the rent and buy food) that takes eight hours out of my day.  I can feel the passion burning inside of me.  I feel it shaking my core.

I haven’t felt that nagging ache to write in a long time.  It is gnawing at me like cocaine used to gnaw at me back when I was still using.  That was almost nine years ago.  This gnawing is different.  This is a healthy want.

I will finish writing a great novel.  I will publish that novel.  I will live my dream.


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