Kids… Should Be Seen and Not Heard


Do you remember that old adage? Well, these days parents and guardians are lax on this and that makes sense (to a point).  When I was growing up, I wasn’t really allowed to talk about how I felt when it came to anything… If you were a kid before 1995, this probably rings true in your life as well.  Since I wasn’t allowed to talk about anything, or ‘if I didn’t stop crying I’d get ‘something to cry about,’ it kind of did some kind of trippy thing to my psyche.

But then, it also taught me how to handle life as I got older.

Most of us were told to sit down, shut up and eat dinner. Or when we came home from school with a note or a bad grade, we were afraid of the consequences.  So, what did we do? We tried harder.  When we fell, we were told to ‘stop being a baby’ or ‘you’ll live.’

Looking back, all of this shaped me into who I am today.  I have respect, I make sure I do well in things (or give it my best), I don’t freak out if i don’t get my way, and I tend to not cry when I get physically injured.

What I am saying, is that there were some lessons learned there.

These days kids do what they want, say what they want, scream when they want and the parents… well, a lot of the parents just let there kids do whatever the hell they want!

WTF kind of bull**** is that?!

I get that kids should be able to communicate their feelings and verbalize what they need… but it is up to parents to teach children how to do this in a constructive and healthy manner. This comes on the heels of the news bit trending and plastering social media about the kid who was screaming for pancakes in a restaurant while being ignored by her mother. The owner of the establishment handled things the only way she felt would work and allegedly screamed in the kid’s face.

Now, I am not saying this was the right thing to do.  It surely wasn’t.  And I’m sure, looking back, that owner knows she probably should have handled things differently.

But holy hell, how many other patrons were in that restaurant listening to that screaming kid wishing the mother would do something to sooth and quiet that little girl?

I have been in restaurants with screaming kids… I have been a parent in a restaurant with a grumpy child.  Albeit, that was about fifteen years ago, but still, I left when my kids wouldn’t settle down!  No one will enjoy their meal while there is a screaming child in the establishment, and certainly I wans’t going to enjoy my meal while my kid was freaking out for whatever reason.

Sure, the restaurant owner could have handled the situation differently. But you know what?  The mother could have handled it differently as well.  I mean, we can point fingers all day long.  The fact is that the baby was crying for whatever reason and it was up to the parent (and no one else) to take care of her.  And if a parent doesn’t want to tend to the needs of their child, why should other people suffer?

You may or may not agree.  Chime in with your thoughts.


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