Men, Women and the ‘Checking Out’ Factor

Yes - No - Maybe So
                  Yes – No – Maybe So

So… I noticed something over the course of my 42 years… well, I noticed it in the last ten.  Men and women are different in many aspects but there is one that I have trouble with… maybe you can help me.

See, I (as a woman) don’t really pay attention to men too much.  I mean, yes, I am recently married, but before that even… I never paid too much attention to men.  I don’t check them out, I don’t get wrapped up in what they’re doing or how cool they might think they look.  I am literally not interested – especially now that I am married.  I have eyes for my husband and that’s about it.

Now, years ( at least fifteen) ago I briefly dated this really good looking guy.  He had big muscles, long blonde hair and we had similar tastes in music.  But, the more I got to know him, the more annoying he became and I just wasn’t attracted anymore.

I cannot separate an asshole from their looks. I just cannot.

Here’s what I noticed about most men.  They can separate the asshole factor from a woman’s looks.  A man can check out a woman he knows is either a bitch, crazy, promiscuous… like, they just don’t care.

I’ve even heard/read conversations!

“Dude, she’s a bitch.”

“Yeah, but she’s hot.”


“Wow, check out the tits on her.”

“Oh, I know her.  She screams at her husband and kids all the time.”

“Yeah, but she’s got great tits man.”

Does it really not matter? 

How does this happen?  I am curious because it drives me insane.  This thought pops in my head every time my crazy ass neighbor comes outside and I see my husband looking at her.  Like, why?  The woman is out of her mind.  We’ve seen her scream at her kids, scream at the dad(s) of her kids, throw things, peel out down the driveway in a fit of rage.  How can someone that acts like that be even remotely attractive? Is there really no separation factor from a persons looks against their character?

Yes, men are more visual than women and I get that.  But are they really so visual that they don’t give a flying fuck how unattractive someone is on the inside?

Please discuss and thank you for reading.


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