Just Can’t…


Do anything!  UGH!  My attention span is worse than a gnat.  I get all these great ideas in my head while at work about all the creative stuff I will do when I get home and when I get home…

Nothing.  I listen to an album I am reviewing for www.thesteelonion.com and I listen and just scroll Facebook all damn night.  Oh, and I also check Twitter all night.  I was going to write up an article of my favorite albums from 2015, but then it just seemed overwhelming so I said, ‘fuck it’ and shitcanned that idea.

I’ve been doing this kind of shit for years… years!  I love to paint (and am pretty good at it!) but I can’t put together anything for that… I love photography, can’t figure out what to do with the hundreds of photos I’ve taken.

I am really down in the dumps lately…. I feel like I can’t write a decent article to post on the website, can’t write a decent album review, get terrified at the thought of doing a phone interview with any kind of musical artist.

Hell, my husband and I are supposed to be going to see VENOM INC tomorrow night in Philly, and I not excited about that either.

It’s fucking freezing cold in this house.  The fireplace isn’t working right, and I am just teetering on the brink of giving up.

What is wrong with me?  Why can’t I just do what I set out to do?  Am I the only person in the world with this problem?

UGH.  It’s so annoying… I have no ambition.

I was ambitious last year when I started the Steel Onion, but it has taken forever to get off the ground… Still see-sawing around 200 followers on Twitter and Facebook Page likes, forget it. The page is just above 400 likes.




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